All countries of the world are engaged in the fight against crime, but some do it better, some do it worse.

The indicators of crime rate comprise the number of murders per 100 thousand people, and the number of thefts and robberies in a certain period. In our today’s top ranking are collected 10 countries with the lowest crime rate on the planet.


#10 – Cyprus

Cyprus FlagIt is considered to be one of the most peaceful places in Europe. Doors unlocked at night is a normal thing there. Low crime rate is deemed as one of the advantages for which Cyprus is loved by the European tourists.


#9 – Denmark

Denmark FlagProvides peace of mind and security to its citizens. According to surveys, 83% of Danes feel safe from virtual criminal attacks. Per 100 thousand inhabitants there are 196 police officers, and the murder rate is less than 0.1 per 100,000.


#8 – Iceland

Iceland FlagIts atmosphere is simply filled with tranquility. The country has only 700 police officers, who do not even carry guns. In Icelandic prisons languish around 200 criminals, most of which are periodically allowed to go home and visit their families.


#7 – Ireland

Ireland FlagIt boasts with a very low crime rate. In the country occur only 0.32 homicides per 100,000 people. Ireland also has 322 police officers per a population of a hundred thousand persons.


#6 – Japan

Japan FlagIt is one of the safest countries in Asia. 73% of its citizens believe that the police is protecting them effectively from attacks of the criminal world. Per 100 thousand people there are about 204 policemen and 0.4 murders.


#5  - Luxembourg

Luxembourg FlagIt is a tiny state with a population of around half a million people. According to polls, the people of this country are the happiest nation in the world, and the crime rate there gradually approaches the zero mark.


#4 – Bahrain

Bahrain FlagIt amazes with the number of law enforcement forces, there are 1978 policemen per 100,000 inhabitants. This is the highest ratio indicator in the world. It is obvious that with such a ratio the crime rate is pleasantly low in Bahrain.


#3 – Hong Kong

Hong Kong FlagIt demonstrates enviable figures – 0.2 homicides per a hundred thousand people, with the almost complete absence of thefts and robberies. Pickpocketing cases, however, do occur sometimes at the airport and areas with large concentrations of people.


#2 – Singapore

Singapore FlagIt is the safest country in Asia and 98% of the residents of this state are totally sure about it. The number of murders per a thousand people there is 0.3, while the number of thefts and robberies is virtually equal to zero. The laws in Singapore are severe, the death penalty has not been abolished, and many crimes are punishable with caning.


#1 – Switzerland

Switzerland FlagIt is renowned for tranquility and respectability. As many as three cities of the country – Geneva, Bern and Zurich – are among the ten most secure in the world. By the way, about half of the country’s recorded crimes are committed by foreigners. Peace and security of the citizens are ensured by valiant policemen in the number of 216 persons per 100,000 inhabitants.